Introduction to
Web Design and Development:
HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Fourth Edition: Download the book:   iwdd4.pdf   (2015) 9MB
The fourth edition is under active development.

Third Edition: Download the book:   iwdd3.pdf   (March 2015) 9MB

Second Edition: Download the book:   iwdd2.pdf   (Aug 2014) 9MB

First Edition: Download the Book:   iwdd.pdf   (Aug 2013) 9MB

Author: Don Colton   Prof Colton   Course: IT 240   Free PDF Reader

Download the Current Study Guide:   sguide.pdf   (For Jul-Aug 2013)

About the Book

This free book is for people who are new to website design. It is pretty basic, but it also covers a lot of ground and introduces other resources. It has been designed as a text book suitable for an introductory one-semester course that meets for about forty hours.

Quick Start: We make a simple web page, about five lines long, right on the computer you are using. Then we talk about domain names and web hosting. We follow that with control panels, to get your website up, and copyright, to avoid getting your website taken down. Finally, we publish.

Web Development Tools: Face it: you do not always have to reinvent the wheel. Many websites are built using cookie-cutter technologies. In minutes you can have your idea up and running. We focus on WordPress, the leading CMS in the world.

Media: Text is great, but what is a web page without pictures? We give you basic image editing skills. And we look into audio and video.

Content: HTML: Here we pop open the hood and look at the engine that runs the web: HTML. Good news: it is a pretty simple language.

Presentation: CSS Style: This is where the real power lies. Adding CSS to HTML is like turning a typewriter into a word processor.

Action: JavaScript: You learn what it takes to put JavaScript into a web page, and why you might want to.

Appendix: Sometimes we go deep on things, like browsers, text editors, passwords, and more. For those that want deep, enjoy!

Selected Links Mentioned in the Book

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